What is JavaScriptU?

6 free, interactive, in-person workshops dedicated to the most important language of the decade, JavaScript.

Our mission is to promote forward thinking web development
and the free sharing of knowledge.

You're invited to learn with us.

From the basics to the advanced, from jQuery to backbone, from the DOM to whatever you choose.

Anything is fair game and you call the shots. The course topics alter based on the votes of the attendees. You literally learn what you come here to learn.

Learn how to set up a solid foundation

Use modern JavaScript libraries to give yourself a running head start. Technologies like requirejs, Jasmine, HTML5 Boilerplate, jQuery, Twitter's Bootstrap, and more!

Past Workshops

  1. Setting up our foundation Slides - Video

  2. Advanced jQuery Slides - Coming soon Video - Coming soon

Why? Why not?

heart-js We love JavaScript, the web, and San Diego. We're just a bunch of developers trying to give back and share some of the tips we've discovered over the past decade in web development.


2nd & 4th Tuesdays
7:00pm - 9:00pm

  • apr.10 & apr.24
  • may.8 & may.22
  • jun.12 & jun.26


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Love web development as much as we do?

Contact us here and let us know if you want to know how you can help spread JavaScript in your city!

We will be open sourcing all the pieces of our workshops, the curriculum, materials, slides, and certainly the code. Once the first session is over you will be able to fork an entire workshop, tailor it to your needs, advertise your series on javascriptu.org, and dramatically reduce the amount of effort you need to get something up and running.